SA2020 @ TriPoint

What will san antonio look like in 10 years?

That’s largely up to you. SA2020 is a community-wide effort to chart San Antonio’s course for the next decade. Education. Transportation. Quality of life. We can make progress by realizing all of these issues are interconnected and by setting priorities to tackle them. Through the process of coming together as a city and speaking up, we’ll be able to map our priorities and decide what kind of community we want to be in 2020.

SA2020’s last public forum is at TriPoint this Saturday, January 22nd. Check-in starts at 8:30 a.m. but be sure to get there early as every prior forum has had record numbers of attendees. Be a part of helping shape San Antonio’s future.

The future starts here.

I was at the first public forum for SA2020 at TriPoint and had the opportunity to talk about a number of issues that San Antonio will have to face in the coming years. In particular I talked about our education system in our city. A number of issues about what direction to move forward with our city and how to maintain and improve on the overall quality of life were discussed throughout the forum.

The last of four public forums is today, this morning, and I am sitting in Grace Coffee waiting for all of it to begin in this last forum the city of San Antonio will have with its community.