Chicken Fried Ribeye Breakfast

More often than not I don’t sleep much at night. Instead I sit up in my bed and look up and stare at my ceiling fan for some time. Then I get out of bed and drive off to some nearby diner where I drink their iced tea, or worse the really bad coffee. Tonight is no different, except I had this idea that I would stay up, drink a lot of coffee, and then drive off to the Cowboy Breakfast for some more coffee.

I have lived in San Antonio for a long while now, but I have never been to the Cowboy Breakfast. The excuses are many, usually it is work related, other time I simply sleep through it or even forget about it until after it is all over and done.

This morning may be no different. I am looking up at my ceiling fan and realize that I am not going to get sleep any time soon. So I drive off in my car and find my way to the nearest diner, a Jim’s Restaurant I have been going to for the past eleven years now. I was supposed to get an iced tea and coffee, that was the plan, then I saw the Rodeo Special.

The Rodeo Special this year is a chicken fried ribeye breakfast and after eating my late night dinner, the idea of an early morning breakfast is fast disappearing. I may still make the drive to the parking lot at Cowboys Dancehall and get some juice and coffee. After living in San Antonio for 17 years now, I still have yet to go to a Cowboy Breakfast. I may end up waiting one more year…

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