One More Thought

I was also paying attention to how the Green Party did in Texas and in Bexar County. I thought that one of the state wide candidates would do better at the polls and was perhaps disappointed at the vote totals of a couple of the local candidates in Bexar County.

I think part of this is due to the how the two parties and the media tend to marginalize third parties. I also think that the Green Party can also do a good job at marginalizing themselves with voters too. I think they tend to run more as a protest vote against the two party system instead of making a better effort at building up themselves though more strategic planning at both the local and state level.

While this party is no longer around, the early successes of the New Party in the early to mid 1990s could serve as an example of building and sustaining a strong third party presence. The New Party, I would say, represented the democratic wing of the Democratic Party, many of its members were in fact Democrats who were involved heavily in union and community activist politics. At its height they ran around 300 candidates, mostly in local races and won two-thirds of those races, while also cross endorsing stronger candidates, Democrats for the most part, who shared their beliefs on key issues.

I was a member of both the Democratic Party and the New Party through a large part of the 1990s. Among the New Party’s members during its heyday was a state legislator from Illinois names Barack Obama. I mention President Obama’s past affiliation with the New Party only because it can show that there can be relevance today for third parties in the two party system, but I believe you have to strategically work to win elections in order to be taken seriously and not become marginalized by the media and the two parties.

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