Following the Elections

Things did not go well for Democrats in San Antonio and the rest of Texas. Although looking at the rest of the nation, things went as predicted. The Democrats lost the House and maintained control of the Senate. A number of contested gubernatorial seats went Republican and with it probably a number of state legislatures. However many contested races have been closer than expected, which could be the silver lining that Democrats could use.

The problem this election year, from the primaries to election day, is the number of moderates and centrists that have been voted out of office by more conservative candidates. This will likely create a very polarizing environment when it comes time for the now more liberal Democrats and more conservative Republicans in Congress to work together on issues like the economy and jobs. This can be seen as a big headache created by voters in general, who went to the polls frustrated and angry and voted out many of the very congressmen we will need, on both sides, to begin moving forward on managing and lowering the deficit and creating good jobs.

We did not vote for what the late Senator Paul Wellstone called, the politics of the center. Not the centrist politics of tough compromise on some issues and tougher principled stands on other issues. Rather a politics at the center of the well being of we the people. Politics driven by the people that brings us all together, and leaves no one behind.

The next two years, Congress and the White House both have their work cut out with the weak economy, creating good jobs, and restoring confidence in our government. This election, at best is a wake up call to our elected officials to better connect with the people. At worse, we have created two more years of greater discontent in Washington, D.C.

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