The Three Poisons

Buddhist believe if you have these three poisons, you will lead to a life of evil and suffering.

1) Greed (desire), is attraction to something we think will gratify us.

2) Anger, hatred, animosity, ill-will, aversion.

3) Ignorance (delusion), The first two poisons have ignorance as their root. Because we see ourselves as small, limited and needy, we pursue things we think will make us happy and hate things that cause us discomfort.

I thought that I would repost these words on the Three Poisons, since this seems to reflect how many of us will be voting soon.

Support Through Opposition

I recently read a few words on Twitter, the writer said to not buy GM or Chrysler, because that would be giving President Obama a victory. I read that and thought of a few words my dad told me about why he wants President Obama to succeed. He said that he opposes the President but wants the President to succeed. My dad does not like the policies of the President but does concede that if his policies works, than that is good for the United States.

I could put it this way, for eight years I wanted President Bush to succeed in bringing us back from a recession, even though I oppose him on the issues and voted against him twice. However he was elected president and I knew that if he failed our economy would tank and become a recession, which it did. Even though I did not like his economic policies, I am a realist who wanted our economy to recover, and I was ready to give credit where it was due, President Bush. Unfortunately, his policies did not work out quickly enough for most of us and a new president took office with his own policy ideas on how to move our economy forward.

We may not like the fact that GM and Chrysler was part of a government buy out, but the buy out did happen and if it succeeds, that is good for the United States. Now we should not have blind faith in the policies of our president or in those of the opposition, that is why we vote for and against our elected officials. What I believe we should not do is want our elected officials fail, to me that is saying that you want the United States to fail.