Will a Divided Congress Work?

Will a divided Congress work?

All signs point to no, if you are wondering if a divided Congress can work. I am still hopeful, but reality shows a more liberal Democratic side as conservative Democrats lose to Republicans and with the Republicans purging their ranks of more moderate and liberal Republicans in recent years, in addition to a growing number of Tea Party backed candidates, the Republicans will be even more conservative.

What will be interesting is to see how President Obama will react to the changes in Congress. With former President Bill Clinton high in the news and on the campaign trail, it would seem pragmatic for President Obama to channel the more centrist approaches of President Clinton. However some recent polls on President Obama since he has begun to more aggressively campaign for his policies and for the Democratic Party may show that the people want him to take on the Republicans head on.

I think you will see a little bit of both compromise on some issues such as deficit reduction and job growth and a fight on other issues such as health care and the role of the federal government.

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