State Board of Education, District 5

It is hard to not be aware of what’s going on in the Texas SBOE and the implications the decisions of this board has on the rest of the nation, especially in regards to the textbooks that will be used by public schools.

The race of SBOE, District 5 perhaps offers the most dramatic choices that voters will be making in Texas. The incumbent is Ken Mercer, a former state legislator who aligns himself with the more socially conservative wing of the state board. His opponent is Rebecca Bell-Metereau, a college professor at Texas State University.

The San Antonio Express-News has written on this race between two candidates who offer vastly differing visions on the role and direction that the state board should take. A link to this article is right here. The Express-News did endorse Rebecca Bell-Metereau in this election.

On a related note, I was approached to run for the Democratic nomination for this seat. I am currently an elected Representative of the Poor in San Antonio, and have made previous (and unsuccessful) runs for seats on boards of the Alamo Colleges and North East School Districts. Rebecca Bell-Metereau (who is the Democratic nominee) is the reason why I never gave it a serious thought to run for state board.

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