Green Party candidates in San Antonio, TX

While I admit that I am not a member of the Green Party (I am a Democrat), I believe that it is very important to let others know that there are other choices on the ballot other than Republican and Democrat. The Green Party offers three clear choices in Bexar County, Texas and voters should take the time to look them up and consider them when they go to the polls during early voting and on election day.

I will say this about third parties in the two party system, it is common for third parties to be marginalized in the media and not taken seriously by voters as a result. This happens time and again. However the vibrancy of the two parties depends on the strength of third parties that will offer a choice when either, or both, of the two parties stop serving the people and instead serve corporations.

Earl Lyons
County Clerk,
Bexar County

kat swift
County Commissioner,
Pct 2, Bexar County

Chuck Robinson
Justice of the Peace,
Pct 1, Place 1,
Bexar County

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