Candidates’s Forum at Edgewood ISD

Candidate for governor, Bill White was recently at a candidates forum hosted by Edgewood School District. Both Bill White and Gov. Rick Perry were invited to attend but Perry declined the invitation to meet and answer the questions of the local high school students at the forum, a civics project set up by Edgewood. This was an opportunity for these student, many of whom would become voters for the first time, to learn how government works through the electoral process.

Before Bill White took the stage, a few elected officials spoke to the students. State Rep. Jose Menendez essentially gave a civics lesson on the value in voting. Initially using his parents hard work to become citizen, so they could vote as an example, he spoke of how politicians do not canvass for the votes of non voters. He said that if you want to matter, if you want to be heard, you vote.

State Rep. Joaquin Castro spoke briefly on the potential of the students at the forum, encouraging al to live your dreams and to chase your dreams. County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson spoke of the need for community involvement before stumping for Bill White for governor.

Bill White began with his local roots to the city, being a Churchill High School graduate, his parents teaching in the city, and how as a high school student he canvassed westside neighborhood for local candidates.

White would touch on public education, addressing issues from the need to expand access to pre-k education to more affordable college education. He spoke of how a good education can mean freedom in choosing the job that you want. He also spent time talking about the importance of budget issues and how they related to providing for a good education.

Before the forum was turned over to students to ask the candidate questions, Bill White did ask students, “Why wouldn’t you vote?” He told the students to not vote was really a vote, showing that you are content with being stuck in traffic.

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