The Importance of Being Governor

Many political pundits in Texas would say the real power in Austin sits with the Lieutenant Governor. I would like to believe that the Governor has the real power in the end of the day. He makes the appointments and signs those bills into law, or not.

I first voted for Governor Ann Richards, then voted against Governor George W. Bush, reluctantly voted for Tony Sanchez, voted against Governor Rick Perry, and am inclined to vote for Bill White this election around. Gary Mauro was up against Governor Bush, and Chris Bell, Kinky Friedman, and Carol Strayhorn were up against Governor Perry, by the way. I suppose you can say I voted for Richards in ‘94, against Bush in ‘98, voted the lesser of two evils in ‘02, voted against Perry in ‘06, and since that first election I voted in, 16 years ago, am actually planning on voting for a candidate for governor. I should note the zero for four record in voting for governor. (My record as a candidate for office is six for eleven, but who’s counting?)

The point is this is the first time in a long while that I believe that the loyal opposition (the Democrats) have put up a candidate for governor worth voting for. So far, I feel good about Bill White, enough so that I went to sit in on a volunteer training and visited the local campaign office in San Antonio. Things can change however, well, except for voting against Governor Rick Perry.

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