100 Days

It is actually closer to 98 days until the general elections in Texas and my home town, San Antonio. From county commissioner, justice of the peace, state rep, to the governor, there are plenty of reasons to get registered, get informed, and get out and vote.

With less then 100 days until election day, I will be getting a lot of campaign literature urging me to vote this way or that, and I will be sharing what I get with you. As election day comes closer I will be commenting on the campaign literature I pick up and will make somewhat more thoughtful posts on specific candidates and issues.

For the most, I will be following three candidates for office, Kat Swift, the Green Party candidate for Bexar County Commissioners Court, District 2, Rebecca Bell-Metereau, Democratic Party candidate for State Board of Education, District 5, and Bill White, Democratic Party candidate for Governor. You will notice no Republicans, that may be because I am a liberal Democrat in a very conservative part of town, it may be because I am still looking at the race for State Representative in District 122, my own district, and am still learning about all the candidates, the Republican being Lyle Larson.

In the end I will try to look at as many campaigns as I care to follow and will keep you somewhat up to date on why I am supporting this candidate or that one.

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