Make Tomorrow, Today

Make Tomorrow, Today. These were the words that often closed my speeches and writings when I was a candidate, a losing candidate for a seat on the Alamo Colleges Board of Trustees, back in 2006. I usually talked about the lack of communication concerning the community colleges in San Antonio, TX. Not too many people listened back then and the incumbant won at the end of the day. Towards the end of 2009, I would open up the local newspaper to find that the person who would soundly defeat me would end up resigning, citing the lack of communication as a problem with the communtiy colleges.

The moral of the story? While I was right on the issues, I was also a lousy candidate for political office and should stick to writing about the political world all around me. This is what the site is about, the political world that I live and breathe in. Here I will share political tales I’ve observed and even been a part of, I will write about the political issues and why they matter, and give my own thoughts on politics and what we can do to make it a necessary part of our lives. I was once told that next to breathing, politics is the most important thing in our lives. You may disagree, but that is what I believe.