Empty With Thought Today

I went into the new year with many things hidden away in my mind, things that I felt are worth putting out on a political blog such as this. Unfortunately they have yet to find their way on the blog, much less on a sheet of paper. The reasons are many and in the end it comes down to a little bit of exhaustion and a whole lot of procrastination. Hmm.

But while I have not been writing all that much, I have kept my eyes open to the world around me and in my own backyard. The coming year in northside San Antonio politics looks interesting enough. I am still committed to taking that closer look at the state representative race in district 122. For right now it looks like Dr. Ali will get the nomination from Democratic voters as former city councilman Art Hall has graciously withdrawn from the race and endorsed Dr. Ali. While I still believe that former county commissioner Lyle Larson will be the nominee for the Republicans, he will have to go through a couple of other feisty candidates for the nomination.

I should also note that today is our nation’s celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. For many of us it is a time of relaxation, a time off from work and school, and a time to spend with family. But for many of us it is also a time for reflection on the legacy that has been left to us by Martin Luther King, Jr. For me, the reflection is on a word, “tolerance.”

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