I Happen to Notice

While finishing up a good burger with my nephew, way up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I notice that Frank Corte, my state rep where I live in San Antonio, Texas, announced he will not be running for reelection after serving 18 years in the state lege. He was the one responsible for registering me to vote upon graduating from high school and I have been a steady vote against him when he has been up for reelection. Over the years, I find that he is too far to the right for a liberal like me and his very partisan style of playing politics never appealed to me either.

While I have a little experience running for office myself and I am a lowly elected city official as a Representative of the Poor, a position I am sure few if any in the city are aware of, I won’t be running for this office, not now or for the next several years. The desire to finish college and perhaps teach a few years are more important to me than to get paid peanuts and headaches for being a state legislator. My time to run again will come, just not today.

With that in mind, I can’t help but wonder what it would take for a Democrat to win in this otherwise conservative district? With former county commisoner Lyle Larson already stepping up to run and even the possibiltiy of San Antonion Councilwoman Elisa Chan being mentioned, does a good Democrat stand a reasonable chance? I think one can climb up the steep hill and do it and in the next post or two I’ll be offering my thoughts on the issues and campaign a Democrat may have to deal with.

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