Where did I lose my hat again?

I recently read that Charlie Connor resigned from the Alamo Colleges Board of Trustees. In the short article I read from MySA.com, he did note that there were problems with communication in the district.

In 2006, I ran against Mr. Connor for a seat on the Board of Trustees. Seriously outspent by my opponent and with very little time and money resources myself, needless to say I got beat around. At the time I did not see this as too big of an issue, as I was running a campaign on my ideas as opposed to a campaign against Mr. Connor. In fact I would have been inclined to vote for him if I was not his opponent. But as time went on I really got an opportunity to see the issues of poor communication in the Alamo Colleges play out as I read the news in the local paper and online.

I did not campaign on too many issue, I was still trying to get a good grasp on many of them, but the one issue I kept plugging away at more than all the others was what I perceived as a serious lack of communication in the district from all angles. This would seem to play out, especially between the administration and the colleges themselves.

With Charlie Connor’s retirement, someone was named to serve until an election to fill the remainder of the term occurs in May 2010. With my term and with it ten years of service as a Representative of the Poor with the City of San Antonio coming to an end this December, perhaps it may soon be time to examine this position again.

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