Two Steps Back

A little early but I am at Cool Beans Coffee, sitting with my “Hammer” and a pen. I think about not where I am going, but rather where I have been. I have been somewhat active in local politics for ten years now. Most of that time on a community board that addresses poverty and some of that time as a Democratic official and other times as a candidate for school board seats.

I look back at the past ten years and I can’t help but ask “Why I stayed with it?” Certainly plenty of frustrations with it all, but I still keep at it with my idealism intact, if not oddly stronger with recent events that have taken place locally and nationally.

Ten years, 1999 to 2009. It began with Clinton’s scandals, terror, war, swift boating and other dirty pool. Years continued with global warming, fake news, Hope, Change, and the same. I have played my bit part as a citizen, voter, and politician. I see where I have been, where I can go to. But through it all, I still ask myself, why?

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