Putting Me On the Spot

I am sitting at a table, my iced mocha is long gone as I type away at the outline I plan on using for a paper in my philosophy class. I sit, I surf between webpages, and I type a few words now and again, I overhear the manager of the coffee shop say to a news reporter that I would make for a good interview…

I take a short break and am asked some questions on President Obama’s upcoming speech on the war in Afghanistan, true to form I believe I ramble on from the speech to Afghanistan, to the broader war on Terrorism, to how we are really fighting a larger war of ideals with Islamic terrorists.

Ultimately the war on terrorism is a long term war that may very well take over a generation to win outright, it is my generation’s war on communism, it is in essence a cold war, with smaller hot wars, that will take a long time to win. But it is a war we have to win over terrorists as very real ideals at home and abroad, ideals like liberty, hope, and democracy, are at stake in our global community.

The interview is over, and the television news reporter shakes my hand and actually seemed surprised at all that I said. He moved on, as a local elected official, Tommy Adkinson, is also roaming about the cafe. I go back to my computer, and eventually get back to typing away at my computer, get back to my empty iced mocha.

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